Oh The Places I’ll Go…and You Can Too!


What happens in Rio de Janeiro stays in Rio de Janeiro honey! This summer I was blessed with the opportunity to study abroad in Brazil for two weeks and when I tell you I had a blast, I mean it. I originally applied to go to India, unfortunately I was denied the opportunity. However, God knew that this child of His was not going to survive in 108 degree weather fully clothed from head to toe, so He sent me somewhere more fitting. Good thing my mom told me to reapply.

Many think that studying abroad is expensive but I promise it does not have to be, especially with platforms such as GoFundMe (FYI they take a service percentage, I had no idea). Also many colleges and universities have an abundant amount of resources that you can take advantage of. You just have to go out and find them because they definitely aren’t going to tell you! You would think they’d be a bit more generous considering they already make so much money off of us as it is. Lucky for me however, the program that I went to Rio with gave us a $4000 scholarship and so then I only had $1,450 left to pay. After my parents, family and friends, and church family contributed, I was on my way to Brazil in no time. Never be afraid to ask for or receive donations. There is someone out there who wants to see you win!

I learned so much about myself and grew so much in just those two weeks. I was scared out of my mind due to the fact that it was my very first time leaving the country without my mom. I was fully immersed in someone else’s culture and I had to step back and realize I may never get this chance ever again in life. I was forced to step outside of my comfort zone. I had to learn to live in the moment. I tend to look ahead to what’s next instead of experiencing situations as they happen. While on our 10 hour flight I told myself that I’d snap every picture and record a video of everything, and I did exactly that. I honestly think I annoyed my group but oh well. Feel free to check out some of my shenanigans below:





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