Fiya Moves Only: Yamily Creative Company

Yamily Creative Company LLC was founded by Brandon Lee White and OluwaTimileyin Awobiyi, who also goes by Timileyin, in 2016 during their junior year of college at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana.

Awobiyi and White formed Yamily Creative Company with a mission to empower and equip a younger generation of passionate creatives and entrepreneurs with the positive mindset and resources they needed to explore their creativity and create art.

“Yamily is a company for the people by the people,” said Timmy Awobiyi, ½ of the Yamily duo.

A lot changed for the Yamily team during the summer of 2017, when an unexpected tragedy hit. Brandon Lee White was killed in a fatal car crash, but Timmy still feels his presence every day.

“Brandon was a creative guy and he positively impacted anyone that had the chance to meet him. He was my friend and someone I could really call a brother. May his beautiful soul rest in perfect everlasting peace,” Timmy said.

Team Yamily continues to stand by their company motto, “Uplift as we climb,” by giving back to their local communities through various acts of philanthropy and fundraising efforts.

Last fall, the team held an event called “Yammifying the Community”. They gathered clothes and food items for the homeless community in Bloomington, Indiana.

“We don’t plan on stopping there. We plan on spreading this worldwide to other countries,” Timmy said.

Yamily recently dropped an apparel line and they plan to donate 10 percent of each of their sales to charity.






 “The overall vision is to share and spark peace, love, unity, creativity, positivity, collaboration and innovation in the minds of humans through media and products,” Awobiyi said when asked about the current vision behind the company.

Being a college student and an entrepreneur can be difficult, but Timmy has managed to make the best out of every difficult situation and just trust the process.

“I love the daily lessons I learn from running a company, it’s an experience for me. I definitely learn new things daily from being my own boss, time management especially.  [I am] learning to always motivate myself to do it and always hoping for progress and positivity,” said the Yamily Creative Company founder.

With many lessons learned, Timmy hopes to inspire other young entrepreneurs and creatives to pursue their dreams of starting up their own business by simply dreaming big and making their dreams a reality.

Timmy said, “Dream big and start as soon as possible. Once you get that idea write it down, meditate and visualize it daily. Brainstorm on the daily about practical steps and moves you can make to make it your reality. Ask and answer this question for yourself: Where do I see myself in 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Running this business or exploring creativity? The most important thing is to always put God first and always believe in you.”

He also emphasized the importance of community impact and networking amongst other entrepreneurs and creatives who are also trying to make a name for themselves.

“Think about ways your company, brand or art will impact the community positively. For creatives, collaboration is key. Network with other dope creatives and learn one thing or the other from their craft. Creativity is art and art is love, so share love with everyone,” said Awobiyi.

Want to stay up to date on all things Yamily Creative Company? Or are you interested in joining the Yamily team? Be sure to visit their website, to find out more!




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